2. Cb300 Mechanical Automatic Interchengeable

    An all occasional but distinguished watch with Easy interchangeable counstruction bracelet and strap

  3. Cb027 Clio Classic

    Mesh Band Pair Watch

  4. Cb026 Sence

    A simple classic pair

  5. Cb025 sweep

    A gent's watch catching focus, sensible and insporational. sweep second hand makes a difference.

  6. Cb020 Interchangeable Colours

    A featured ladies fashon watch with easy interchangeable strap.

  7. Cb019 Lady Chrono

    A featured ladies sophisticated watch, with Chronograph Function and special Decors.

  8. Cb010 Touching Kiss

    a pair of romantic watch, signifed by the small twin fish, with an hourly kissing moment. charm with sensation.

  9. Cb008 Envy Spark

    A featured ladies watch, tuned with gorgeous ceramic, added with sparkled stones, perfectly tuned. A great angelic piece.

  10. Cb006 Mosaic

    A piece of fine art, signified MOP mossaic dial, tempting glamour, fine-tuned with exquisitionn.